National Tennis Centre

The tennis community showed overwhelming support of the tournament organized and sponsored by the Executive Board of the National Tennis Centre (NTC) in aid of the Johnson family. Brent and Eulona Johnson who were both Directors previously on the Board of the NTC have made tremendous contributions to Tennis in the Bahamas. This tournament was only a small token of the tennis community’s love and appreciation for these two wonderful individuals who have passed.

Over 100 matches were played over the weekend in the Johnsons’ honour. Persons ranging from as young as 8 to over 60 showed their support and played some great tennis. The NTC is truly appreciative to all of the persons who supported by participating in the tournament and also by giving monetary donations. NTC Chairman, Perry Newton thanked the
organizing committee which was instrumental in ensuring a smooth and successful tournament led by NTC Vice-Chairman Darnette Weir and consisting of NTC Director Cory Francis, NTC Director Steve Taylor, Chilean Burrows, Esther Newton and Linda Thompson. Special thanks are extended to NTC Director Mr Mickey Williams who meticulously organized the draws and schedule. We also thank the additional volunteers who worked alongside the organizers this weekend in various capacities: Everette Munroe, Renesha Tinker, Tara Mactaggart, Candy Bowe, Chantell Carey, Ricardo Demeritte, Kevin Sturrup, Larikah Russell, Bernard Clarke, Kendrick Gomez, Donte Armbrister, and Sarah Beukes.

Results from the tournament are as follows:

GS U10

Winner: Vonteneke Rolle
Runner Up: Victoria Sandi

BS U12

Winner: Giacomo Paine
Runner Up: Cameron Ferguson

GS U12

Winner: Claudia Drgon
Runner Up: Caila Bowe

BD U14

Winners: Patrick and Jackson Mactaggart
Runner Ups: Aidan Miller and Patrick Mackey Jr.

BS U16

Winner: Vontenken Rolle
Runner Up: Cailan Bowe

GS U16

Winner: Sierra Rodgers
Runner Up: Breann Ferguson

MS 18 – 34

Winner: Dentry Mortimer Jr.
Runner Up: Colbert Newry

WD U24

Winners: Saphirre Ferguson and Breann Ferguson
Runner Ups: Sarai Clarke and Maddison Bowleg

WD 35

Winners: Tara Mactaggart and Sarah Beukes
Runner Ups: Rita Roy and Sh’Ron Saunders

MD U24

Winners: Donte Armbrister and Anthony Burrows Jr.
Runner Ups: Jeffrey Thompson and Vontenken Rolle

MS 35

Winner: Bjorn Ferguson
Runner Up: Archie Burrows

MS 45

Winner: Oneil Moss
Runner Up: Bradley Flowers

MD U45

Winners: Jared Turnquest and Bjorn Ferguson
Runner Ups: Bud Cambridge and Patrick Fernander

MS 55

Winner: Stephen Thompson
Runner Up: Cory Francis

MD U55

Winners: Gerry Kanuka and Paul McCann
Runner Ups: Eugene Gibson and Alejandro Mesples

MD Open

Winners: Kevin Major Jr and Oneal Mortimer
Runner Ups: Marvin Rolle and Philip Major Jr

Mixed Doubles Open

Winners: Perjae Major and Michael McNorgan
Runner Ups: Danielle Thompson and Stephen Thompson

Mixed Doubles 45

Winners: Eugene Gibson and Rita Roy
Runners Ups: Tom McDermott and Sh’ron Saunders

Sportsmanship medals were awarded to Neveah Sturrup, Saphirre Ferguson, Sarai Clarke, London Mortimer, Brandon Duncombe, Michael McNorgan, Shena Bowleg, Perjae Major, Patrick Fernander, John Gomez, Alexis Mortimer, Michael Cooper, Maddisan Bowleg, Archie Burrows and Cory Conyers.

We miss Brent and Eulona and we will continue to honour their memory.

To all those who have participated, volunteered and supported thanks again for your show of love!

Original Post Date: 15/2/2021