Our Mission:

The BLTA shall lead the growth, promotion and showcasing of the sport of tennis in the Bahamas, build a system that helps produce would-class players and that fosters the pursuit of excellence for all.


Tennis will be a leading sport and recreational activity and will consistently challenge young players to compete against the world’s top tennis nations.


The BLTA will at all times encourage and promote healthy lifestyles; Ethics; Fairness and Respect; Responsible Citizenship; Excellence; Accountability; Service; Pride and a commitment to Education for coaches and players alike.

In order to ensure future success, it is important that we marry the vast talent pool of players of the Bahamas with a solid foundation of accredited coaches, talent development and competition to spur performance locally and abroad. We have enjoyed numerous successes in regional and international competition led by a cadre of junior and elite players. It is of utmost importance that we build on these successes and also ensure that the foundation to build the next group of competitive players is strong.

To be successful, we must start with people and leadership. BLTA also recognizes that to be effective, it must embrace ideas and support from persons and organizations offering assistance outside of Board activities.

Visibility of the positive work of BLTA will be important to sustaining BLTA initiatives and programmes. BLTA is also seeking to promote and develop strong community engagement. Through constant growth, the BLTA projects that the game of tennis will achieve higher standards and lead to becoming a well regarded national sport and recreational activity. It is important that we not forget our history while trying to build on it.

BLTA is committed to operating in a transparent manner and always will be open to input from the various stakeholder groups. No matter how small our capacity, BLTA will welcome and encourage the support of stakeholders because, without community support, the goals and objectives of the BLTA will remain elusive.

The Bahamas has a compelling story of achievement. It is important that we recapture some of the successes of the past and create a pathway to endure future successes for generations to come.